The Corey Firm Partners with Two Other Top Bay Area Law Firms in Northern California to Represent Those Impacted by the October 2017 Northern California Fires in Santa Rosa, Napa County, Sonoma County, and Lake County

Our team of experienced attorneys is currently investigating claims in relation to the series of fires that devastated Northern California in October 2017. If you or a loved one lost your home, sustained property damage (home, vehicle, personal property, etc.), sustained personal injury (including smoke inhalation and wrongful death), sustained business loss, or any other damages as a result of the 2017 Northern California fires, contact our team of Northern California Fire Lawyers today for a consultation with one of our experienced Bay Area fire attorneys. With a proven track record of holding the powerful accountable, our North Bay Team of Top Law Firms has the knowledge, training, experience, and compassion to competently and effectively represent victims of the 2017 fires throughout Northern California and Wine Country.

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Our Team of Three of the Top Northern California Law Firms has a Proven Track Record in Successfully Pursuing Claims Against PG&E and Other Utilities

Between the Corey Firm and the two other firms with whom we’ve partnered (Danko Meredith and Gibbs Law Group) in relation to the Northern California fire cases, our collective experience includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • San Bruno, CA Pipeline Explosion: Serving as co-lead counsel, achieved confidential settlements for hundreds of victims of PG&E explosion and fire in San Bruno, California
  • Santa Rosa, CA Fatal Apartment Complex Fire: Record jury verdict against PG&E involving fatal apartment complex fire on Spencer Street, Santa Rosa, California
  • San Francisco, CA PG&E Transformer Explosion: Confidential settlements of claims arising from PG&E transformer explosion and fire in downtown San Francisco
  • 2015 Butte Fire in Calaveras County & Amador County: Court-appointed co-liaison counsel for over 3,000 victims of the Butte Fire (cases pending)
  • Aliso Canyon Well Leak in Porter Ranch (Los Angeles County): Representing thousands of families in Porter Ranch and the surrounding communities who experienced business losses, property devaluations, and adverse health effects in the wake of the Aliso Canyon well leak (cases pending)

Tubbs Fire dubbed “Most Destructive in State History” – Initial Reports Indicate PG&E Downed Power Lines May Be to Blame

The “Tubbs Fire in Sonoma County is the most destructive in state history,” according to Destroying over 36,000 acres, claiming multiple lives, and destroying an estimated 5,300 structures, the Tubbs Fire quickly claimed lives and destroyed entire neighborhoods.

In that same article, CalFire’s assistant deputy director Daniel Berlant corroborates this claim (“The latest count on the Tubbs makes it by far the most destructive fire in our state’s history”). Berlant further commented, “I don’t think anyone going to bed that night could have imagined that we’d have this kind of activity and this much destruction. It’s just not the kind of perfect storm that can be anticipated.”

Although the exact cause or cause(s) of the Tubbs Fire and the surrounding fires throughout northern California are still under investigation, preliminary investigations reveal that PG&E may be partially or wholly at fault for causing at least the Tubbs Fire. According to the Mercury News, “Sonoma County emergency dispatchers sent fire crews to at least 10 reports of downed power lines and exploding transformers as the North Bay fires were starting around 9:22 p.m” (on October 8th, when the Tubbs Fire first started in the area of Tubbs Lane in Calistoga).

State Audit Shows PG&E Had Repair Job Backlog in Sonoma, Santa Rosa, NBC Bay Area Reports

According to, despite their awareness of the issues, PG&E was dangerously behind in repairing certain aspects of the electrical grid in the area where the Tubbs Fire claimed countless homes and lives:

“The state’s last regulatory audit of the PG&E division ravaged by the North Bay firestorm warned the utility that it was late in fixing more than 3,500 known electrical problems in Santa Rosa and Sonoma alone, records reviewed by NBC Bay Area show.”

“The findings of the California Public Utilities Commission’s PG&E Sonoma Division audit — performed in September 2015 – point to concerns about PG&E maintenance practices well before the fires that destroyed nearly 5,000 homes and claimed 42 lives. PG&E has filed eight separate regulatory notices of electrical equipment failures in the fires.

The startling reality uncovered by NBC Bay Area shows that PG&E “was behind schedule on a total of 3,527 separate repair orders” in Santa Rosa and Sonoma. Although initially shocking to some, it seems as though history may be repeating itself in light of PG&E’s less than stellar track record (San Bruno Pipeline Explosion, 2015 Butte Fire, Hinkley Groundwater contamination, and the list goes on).

PG&E’s INITIAL CLAIMS ALREADY PROVEN FALSE. PG&E claimed “Hurricane Strength” winds occurred at the time multiple power lines fell in and around Calistoga, CA at the start of the Tubbs Fire on October 8th, but subsequent reports reveal that winds speeds were “only about half that level”

After the start of the Tubbs Fire, PG&E was quick to claim that “hurricane strength” winds plagued the area of Sonoma County around the time the fire began, as the Mercury News reported. However, PG&E’s claims about these supposed “hurricane strength” winds were quickly proven false. In a Mercury News article entitled “California fire mystery: PG&E lines fell in winds that weren’t ‘hurricane strength’,” Paul Rogers of the Bay Area News Group writes, “wind speeds were only about half that level, as the lines started to come down” and “a weather station in north Santa Rosa where the Tubbs fire started, the peak wind gusts at 9:29 p.m. hit 30 mph. An hour later, they were 41 mph.”

California fire mystery: PG&E lines fell in winds that weren’t ‘hurricane strength’

Fire Victims Consistently Turn to Law Firms With A Proven Track Record of Pursuing Claims Against PG&E, Utility Companies, and Other Responsible Parties Who Put Profits Over People 

Our firm (Corey, Luzaich, de Ghetaldi & Riddle LLP) and the two other firms we’ve partnered with (Danko Meredith and Gibbs Law Group) can help you successfully deal with and rise above the damage you sustained. Contact our team today for a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. We are here to assist. Visit today to learn more. Our Bay Area legal group is committed to helping North Bay Area residents rebuild their lives and their communities in the devastating aftermath of the Tubbs, Atlas, Nuns, and surrounding fires.