Butte Fire – Update

On April 22, Judge Allen Sumner of the Sacramento Superior Court appointed our partner, Amanda L. Riddle, to serve as co-liaison counsel for the victims of the Butte Fire. The Butte Fire was started by PG&E on September 9, 2015. The fire burned for three weeks before it was contained by CalFire. During that time, the fire devastated over 70,000 acres in Amador and Calaveras Counties, killed two people and caused bodily injury to numerous others, and destroyed a total of 921 structures including: 549 homes, 368 outbuildings, and 4 commercial properties. Over 1,600 individuals have filed suit against PG&E, and its subcontractors, ACRT and Trees, Inc. Ms. Riddle was nominated for the liaison counsel position by counsel for all Plaintiffs as a result of her exemplary work as co-liaison counsel for Plaintiffs in the PG&E “San Bruno Fire” Cases.

The attorneys are working with the Court to develop a case management plan and a schedule that will expeditiously move the cases through the litigation process, with the hopes of a swift resolution for the victims, especially those of advanced age and suffering from medical conditions that require priority treatment. The Court scheduled an informal conference with Plaintiffs’ liaison counsel and Defense counsel on May 11, to discuss the logistics of coordinating the cases in the Sacramento Superior Court and a further Case Management Conference on May 24, where counsel will report on the progress of the case. If you have any questions about this case, please contact our attorneys Dario de Ghetaldi, Amanda L. Riddle, or Clare Capaccioli Velasquez.