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PG&E’s Failure to Maintain Trees Suspected Cause in Butte Fires

PG&E saves money by collecting money from rate payers to perform maintenance and then deferring the work. The extra money on the books results in bigger bonuses for PG&E’s management. It looks like the same thing happened here, resulting in a tree that PG&E should have trimmed impacting a 12,000-volt power line and sparking the 70,000-acre Butte Fire in the Sierra foothills.

Our attorneys successfully represented 45 families who were injured and lost their homes as a result of the PG&E San Bruno Explosion in 2010. We are here to help the victims of the Butte Fires.

Contact Dario de Ghetaldi or Amanda Riddle if you have been impacted: 650-871-5666, or or

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